50 km, 50 minutes
That’s a very romantic, beautiful place where to go for a swim, a sunbathe, some canoeing , a visit to the village and surrounding areas, to get a taste of Umbria.
The Piediluco lake is in fact at the south-eastern foothills of Umbria, with a branch that borders on Lazio, and can be considered the largest natural lake basin in the region after Trasimeno lake.
The name seems to mean “at the foot of the sacred wood.” Irregular in shape with a perimeter of about 13 km, the lake is at an altitude of 375 meters on the sea level.
Its emissary, the Velino river, is diverted to Marmore, where it flows into the Nera river, forming the Marmore Falls. Fot its striking beauty, the lake has been a “must” for many artists of the Grand Tour as defined in 1670 by the priest and writer Richard Lassels, author of “An Italian Voyage”. Its scenarios have been oil painted around 1820 by the French Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot.
The lake Piediluco was chosen by the Italian Rowing Federation as the seat of the National Rowing Centre, run by the Piediluco Rowing Club and staying there permanently within the National Olympic Rowing, that uses the dock for his workouts and international meetings.
The lack of streams and the presence of fairly regular winds make the lake an excellent field of competition for national and international regattas.