Our family homes

Castellano and La Torretta are two separate and next houses, which once where part of a single building consisting in a little monastery and in a watchtower overlooking the valley.
The two houses, a bigger and a smaller one, have large dedicated outdoor spaces; in common, they have a one-acre garden, a panoramic terrace, the orchard, the vineyard and a vegetable garden; lastly, a wood oven for pizza with barbecue and a football field.

The autumn is coming


It is a large two-storey house, built on the foundations of Roman thermal baths dating from the 2nd century AD.read more


A little ancient house drawn from the trunk of a Roman-medieval tower, carefully restored with the original oak boards from…
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Maco’s house

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The ideal spot for a holiday immersed in the beauty of nature and history. This cosy, rustic cottage is in…
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Casa degli ulivi


A nice and comfortable villa, with all the comforts of a modern house, where you can relax and enjoy.
Plenty of space both inside and outside where you can enjoy the view, from landscaped garden or from the big swimming pool.

All the house we manage


The gracious homes we are pleased to offer are long on charm and comfort, but most of all they are places that have been loved.
Urban or rural, seaside or countryside, these unique, warm, hospitable homes are steeped in atmosphere
and reflect the personalities and lives of the people who own them and have loved them.

Let’s open these houses to the world, caring for them as if they were our own, for the sheer pleasure of sharing their beauty with others.