but also a shooting and film set.


Il Castellano and its wide ground are beautiful and romantic at the same time, for the sense of ancient history which is in harmony with the breath of a friendly and unspoilt nature.

A simply happy place, where everybody, adults and children, feel naturally well together.


The beautifully landscaped garden, with Roman stones and columns emerging from the acanthus bushes, flower beds and large shady cherry trees, the spectacular sunsets over the valley redding the horizon nearly to the hills of Rome, is a suggestive scenario for receptions, events, shooting and filming.

The two houses Castellano and La Torretta are available for the guests of honour of the party and for their friends who wish to stay overnight.


A few hundred meters from Castellano, the small Romanesque white-stone church of Santa Vittoria, with the huge bell tower in the middle of a green landscape, it is an ideal setting for weddings, baptisms and other religious celebrations.