The Abbey of Farfa

20km, 35minutes
The Abbey of Farfa is a particularly attractive place, full of peace, serenity, simplicity, as simple as the Benedictine monks, living always in an atmosphere of deep spirituality.
It was declared a national monument in 1928, for its famous library of ancient texts and for the architectural and artistic beauty of the monastery and basilica.
They are testimony more than a thousand years history, through periods of great splendour and decadence or even destruction and dispersion, always followed by rebirth and reconstruction.
Beside the abbey, a small family-run shop sells flax hand woven linen with traditional motives: tablecloths, towels, fine linens, which can also be tailored on request.
The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg seems to be a frequent customer of this place … but we too (in our small way) bought beautiful tablecloths and tea towels with textures taken from ancient models.