13 km, 20 minutes
Totally immersed in nature (it is included in the territory of the Natural Reserve of the mountains Cervia and Navegna) the lake is lying in a valley between two rows of very steep mountains, covered with forests. A wild and naturalistic intact landscape, scattered with medieval villages, each with its own fortress, climbed upon steep slopes or on mountain tops.

The lake is a hydro-electric basin built on the river Turano with a mighty dam built in 1939: it is about a dozen miles long, connected with a tunnel to Lago del Salto which feeds the power plant of Cotilia.
The Turano lake and its surroundings are a natural reserve rich in vegetation and animal species. The territory is mostly covered by forests, especially in the area of Mount Navegna, while in the lake of Turano here are eels, pikes, perches, trouts, tenches, graylings and freshwater crayfishes.
In the middle of the lake, facing each other, the first on a peninsula, the other on a rocky hilltop, there are the two towns of Colle di Tora and Castel di Tora, whose names recall the ancient Sabine and Roman city of Thiora.
The most important centers for art and historical interest near the lake are Rocca Sinibalda and Collalto Sabino.
From Rocca Sinibalda, we recommend to cross the scenic Lago del Salto, through the ridge of Mount Navegna, through Longone, Vallecupola and Varco Sabino (30 km). Another way by which you can enjoy beautiful views of the Terminillo, Monte Velino and the mountains sloping down to Rome, is the one connecting Rieti to Longone. It can be covered as a variant to reach from Rieti the lakes Salto and Turano.

The trails around the lake are beautiful, from the mountains to the road that runs around the edges, and the place has everything to offer: hiking, mountain biking, sailing, boating, camping and fishing. Often we go to the lake from Castellano climbing over Muro Pizzo mountain with the bike, or exploring the trails through the woods with dirt bikes. But in summer sunbathing on the beaches it is also very pleasant and swimming in the fresh, along with a few local tourists, or wandering around the lake with canoes.