35km, 55 minutes
Collalto Sabino is one of our favourite destinations, for the medieval atmosphere you can breathe there and for the beauty of its natural scenery.
The village is climbed up at 1000 meters above sea level in the middle of the natural reserve of the mountains Navegna and Cervia, and is considered one of the most beautiful and unspoiled medieval villages in Italy.
A spectacular XII century fortress, complete with drawbridges and battlements, overlooking the entire region with a 360 degree view that spans the valley of the Turano, the Gran Sasso, Maiella and Terminillo mountains.
Because of its strategic location, the fort was an important military outpost in the centuries, on the border between the Papal States and the Kingdom of Sicily.
At night, after having dinner with truffle fettuccine and ravioli with goat cheese, from the viewpoint you can enjoy a wide panorama, scattered with the lights of 34 villages set among the mountains.
Around the fortress, walking through the narrow paved streets, you can admire the beautiful stone doorways, from which often a particular scent, like caramel comes out: they are the wild apples of the place, which are cooked to feed the farm animals.
In the village there is a beautiful octagonal fountain in Piazza del Podestà and just outside the walls of the Church of Madonna della Speranza.
The chapel is part of a larger building known as Villino Latini, also famous for its Italian gardens. The cuisine of Collato Sabino is poor, made of simple ingredients prepared in a tasty way.
In addition to homemade pasta, try the dishes like “gnucchitti con fagioli e sagne”, and seconds meat, such as wild boar stew with potatoes. Delicious “pizza de ‘nfrasco” (bread or pizza made with wheat flour and corn) cooked under the embers, the “ciammiglitti ‘ju gelo” (aniseed buns covered with caramelized syrup), pastarelle with the knuckles and frascarelli sabinesi, made from a dough of flour and water, grated and sieved. Our favourite dish? The broad beans soup (zuppa di fave).