Our extravirgin olive oil

We are very proud of it, it’s a family tradition and in the last years we invested to make it even better than in the past, and it is 100% organic.

The Sabina region is one of the best places in Italy for making oil, expecially the high Sabina where we are, we have only Carboncella trees, very typical and rare because of the small fruits.
We pick the olives from the trees without making them falling onto the floor (almost all producers shake the trees and collect olives in a net on the floor, this ruins the fruits and make a strong flavour).
We squeeze the olives the same day of the collecting (many producer collect olives for some days and then bring the pulped olives to the mill…)
We squeeze them only one time, with cold stone press.
We conserve the oil in a special place “oliara” where it mantains the flavour and the nourishing properties for a long time.
For us is not a business, because it’s a very expensive process, and we make a small quantity.
If I may, I would suggest 3 golden rules to preserve at best the oil:
Protect the oil from sunlight (dark bottle)
Keep the oil to a room temperature around 12-18 ° C
Avoid contact with oxygen.
There must be some of our production in the kitchen: If you like it,  I can bring  it to you. It costs 80 euro per 5 liters tank, 20 euro per 750cc bottle, 15 euro per 500cc bottle. We can also ship i to your home

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