A much loved home

When in 1950 my grandparents decided to grow up a big family, they chose to live here, being fascinated by the great walls of this old building, enlightned by the sun and surrounded by a wild and mild nature, scattered by olive trees, oaks and flowers. At that time Castellano was a large ruined building, rebuilt in the 16th century on the remains of the thermae of the Roman city Trebula Mutuesca. A huge fig tree had grown inside, because the roof had collapsed. There was a lot of work to do to restore it, but Alessandro and Annamaria fell in love with the view, with the air, with the happy sense of harmony between the ancient history of the place and a generous, unspoilt nature.

Here my mother and her seven brothers grew up, then they moved to a Franciscan monastery and in other houses which are still on the opposite hill.

Giovanna and Guido, my parents, restored the house again in the ‘90s, decorating it with furniture, books, paintings, and many objects brought back from their travels; and here I spent endless, playful and adventurous holidays with my brothers, cousins and friends.

Now we all live in Rome and we use to come to Castellano mostly during the weekends, to take care of the garden. Today, the fields around have become a huge green garden, shaded by cherry trees, covered with daisies and flowers. We cultivate it with effort and pleasure, together with the vegetable garden, the apricots, the vineyard, the hazelnuts, the hundreds of olive trees.

We really love this place, which is beautiful during all seasons, and we like to share it with people who want to discover, live and love it as we do.

Welcome to Castellano.